Monday, 21 September 2015

What is Disha?

A Disha class in progress...
Disha is a Weblearning program targeted for school students in Giridih to address the issue of lack of faculty and to introduce them to latest technology. In a nutshell, experienced teachers teach from a studio equipped with a PC and internet connetion and its recorded and broadcasted live to schools which has a PC and internet connection.

What Disha is not and does not:

It is not a computer-learning program. It does not make the school teachers redundant.

What Disha is and does:

It is a learning enhancement program. It helps students to understand a topic deeply with the help of various learning aids(e.g. visual, auditory).

The problem we are trying to address:

There is a scarcity of teachers all over Jharkhand. Lack of ICT skills and knowledge in rural schools create a huge divide in quality of education in public and private schools. There is also lack of complementary courses to supplement curriculum. Both teachers as well as students are not aware about computer education as well as how to use computer in education in rural areas. So this program acts as a bridge where they interact with e learning education.

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